“Team building is individual building multiplied by the number of people in the team” – David Plater, 2010

Team development is the process of paying attention to the learning of each individual team member so that the team’s results are met and function and working relationships are enhanced. The synthesis of effort and the contributions of team members is the goal in team development.

Whilst different teams exist for different purposes, the individuals in any one team ought to have the same shared purpose. Team development is often about individuals becoming orientated to the shared purpose, agreeing and engaging with an appropriate value base, being clear about priorities and then taking action together to individually and collectively to deliver, achieve and enjoy.

Teams are usually made up of different personalities. Individuals can have different backgrounds and skills. Bringing differences together is the work of team development – even when conflict is perceived or experienced.

The team’s task is the most useful focus of and vehicle for team development. We have developed interesting and enjoyable team development simulations which are ideal for running alongside the team task so that learning from a simulation can be applied to the team task.  

As well as facilitating working relationships to become even more effective than they are already, we offer mediation and conflict transformation if and when working relationships are troublesome or are in so called ‘breakdown’.