We are keen to support people who are looking to use therapeutic and personal development approaches to enhancing both their personal and working lives. We have a reputation for helping people to identify what it is to be at their best and to build on that to create even greater outlets for their talents.

We are keen to support people who are challenged by or suffer from their experience of the workplace. This includes for example, ineffective or abusive working relationships, poor experiences of leadership, confidence and motivational issues.

Sometimes we find that the kind of support people need in these circumstances is beyond the experience of their organization, or for personal, private reasons and any associated required confidentiality, it is more productive or appropriate to engage external help. 

We work with people who find themselves in very challenging and difficult life circumstances – including where they feel unsafe. We have many years of experience of working with people who for example, are in a crisis situation, have been bereaved, suffer from anxiety and depression or stress, have been abused or have confidence and self-esteem issues.

Our core practice is very much a person-centred one.  We also bring an integrative approach when circumstances so demand.  

We are licensed and experienced in using a wide range of psychometrics and inventories to help people gain deeper awareness of and insight into issues to do with personality, relationships, creativity and innovation, learning and working with others.