Coaching is an approach to change and development that can enable people to make the most of opportunities and take on the challenges they face – building vital resilience and developing new approaches to problem solving.

People are required to work well together and ‘perform’ in all settings. They need to be well prepared – even rehearsed. Performance will only be as good as the attention paid to development and well-being. Situations more and more call for high performing, adaptable and appreciative individuals and teams.

Coaching has become a mainstream developmental method in most organizations. This is particularly true in management and leadership practice but also increasingly in so called ‘expert’ and technical roles. It has also become one of the main methods by which certain services are delivered to consumers and citizens. It is a feature of how many managers communicate, lead and relate. It is becoming embedded in the philosophy and practice of many organizations.

There are roles for coaches to play in the success of organizations. The rate of development required of individuals and teams needs to stay ahead of the rate of change of organizations. To achieve this, people need to be supported to pay full attention to their development. This will need to be done in an organized way with skills, creative methods and solutions. Helping with this is our role as coaches. We specialise in coaching as a developmental method. Our team is made up of people who are experienced at working at Director level in organizations. Mentoring and workplace supervision are also included in our offer.