In various ways, this organization of people is currently supporting others who are affected by the Corona Virus. Our ‘city place’ is Chester in the north west of England. We each have physical, financial and emotional investment in this place, we appreciate it for all that it is and offers and, we play our parts in developing various aspects of it.

We work with people all over the UK and feel privileged to know and be able to appreciate the diversity of our population and physical environment.

It is a time when we all need leaders and politicians to work together, step away from the politics of opposition and combine their intelligences. And to do this in support of people with the careful and expedient management of resources. We are aware that people in organizations are facing extreme challenges and ethical dilemmas – possibly for the first time in their careers. Their decision-making skills are the lifeblood of leadership and management. Our coaches are available to people in leadership roles who are looking for support.

We grieve the loss being suffered by people and the environment at this time. We want to support people through their losses, fears and anxieties. Our counselling and psychotherapy service is set up to do so. Each person taking care of their mental health is so important at this time.

We are grateful for our connections to and attachments with people. We know that’s what makes us the relational beings that we are. We want to maintain and develop people connections. We are involved in a number of projects which are playing their parts in doing just that.

Much pain is being experienced now. At the same time, we are hopeful that this new context will eventually inspire the co-creation of new social development where people have enhanced personal resources in order to take better care of themselves, support and be kinder to each other and, appreciate and protect their environments. We are committed to playing our parts in this and we would like to encourage your inquiry of our services.

We are not a business that is focused on profit. All work provided is open to negotiation, prices are set in consideration of the individual and an organization’s position. Agreements are made via right relations.

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