We are a people and workplace development organization. We provide developmental and therapeutic interventions and solutions for individuals, teams and organizations.

We are appreciative of people, their workplaces, their working relationships and people as individuals. This principle fully informs our approach to people, organizations and our practice. We enjoy helping people to use appreciative ways so that they are further enabled to make the most of their situations and themselves. We also enjoy supporting people who want to change and develop their workplaces, themselves and their relationships. 

Based on our experience and the collective wisdom of organizational researchers and practitioners, we have learned that co-creating learning interventions with people leads to better solutions for them and their organizations. Working relationships are enhanced and workplace settings become more productive and positive. The principle and practice of co-creating has become fundamental to our approach and success. It underpins the way we work with people and organizations.        

We believe that when people are taken care of, learn to take care of themselves and their colleagues, an organization is then in a strong position to take care of itself.

Our work is about co-creating learning situations with people so that the learning they need to do to enhances their situations. Working co-creatively begins with respecting people for who they are and all that they have achieved.

Our work with individuals often comes from their desire to achieve and grow, build confidence, function at their best and contribute to creating a better experience of the workplace. We have found that teams are pivotal to providing a setting in which the individual can be at his or her best and at the same time, the team can be a key enabler that creates organizational success. People being able to work well together opens the doors to an organization creating its wanted culture and workplace environment in order to realise its purpose and objectives.  

Our work over many years now with leaders and teams in organizations has been about helping to create positive working environments and the kinds of cultures that people want to work in. We have a depth of knowledge and experience in workplace psychology. We have conducted our own research about organizational culture and behaviour. This unique knowledge and experience very much informs our current practice. 

Our offer – approaches and interventions

Listed below are descriptions of our range of services. Each item provides a focus for what is tyHere is our range of services. Each item provides a focus for what is typically understood as a service in the people and organization arena. Our approach is often an integrated one where interventions are combined to co-create the best result and effect for people and organizations.


Coaching and Coach Development


Leadership Learning

Career Counselling